A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Pong fans: this game is not the pong you played as kids or adults,

this game is far more ... special.

For instance: 

*There is gravity, causing the balls to move in a curve instead of a straight line

*There are 4 "balken" controlled by either 1 or 2 players

*You don't play against but with your ally to reach a new highscore

*Multiple balls are on the field. You lose, if no balls remain

*A little bit of shouting can save the day! Have fun screaming together with your teammate to get the balls moving the way you want! (Imagine me screaming this text)

*Sometimes you switch places witch your teammate

And a few more stuff was added which you will eventually notice as you play the game. 

Communication is the main key to a high score if you play as co-op, so don't try to do all the work alone, doing so will eventually cause a loss (since at some point you can barely do any action without depending on your mate). Playing with sound is highly recommended because you can't look permanently at the swap_countdown in the screen's center.

Get ready for some intense discussions and have fun playing

If you want to learn more about how the game was made, feel free to visit my blog: fmc-gamedev.blogspot.com

Install instructions

Unpack/extract the zip file and run the .exe or the equivalent file for mac or linux . But don't forget to look at the "How to play.png"


For Windows 18 MB
For Linux 20 MB
For Mac 16 MB

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